Numerology, from the word itself, is referred to as the study of ‘numbers’ and the occult manner in which it reflects certain character and aptitude tendencies—mainly as integral part of the cosmic plan. Numerology is considered as the language of ‘symbols’ or the symbolism of ‘numbers’. This old practice has been used for over 10,000 years ago to determine the person’s characteristics, motivations, talents and path in life. This practice is also used to reveal secrets of love, success, wealth and peppiness which lies in the person’s inner self. The term numerologist is the term coined to define those individuals who practice them and can be used by those individuals who place their faith in numerical patterns and at the same time draw pseudo-scientific interferences with from these symbols.

The Law of attraction is a name given to the maxims that like attracts like wherein the new thought of philosophy is used in order to sum up the idea that focuses on the negative and positive thoughts that a person brings negative and positive experiences in their life. This kind of belief is mainly based from the idea that people as well as their thoughts are made both from the pure energy as well as the belief that energy attracts like energy. The concept with regards on the law of attraction has able to received criticisms coming from skeptical essays.

In the year 1877, term of law of attraction appeared in print for the very first time in the book that is written by none other than, Helena Blavatsky. In the end of 19th century, new thought authors such as Ralph Trine and Prentice Mulford have used the term. For them, the law of attraction is not only affected by health but as well as with the other things, that affects each aspect of our lives.

About Metaphysics

Metaphysics was opened up to me by a Hawaii plumber while he worked on renovating my kitchen. He was a very enlightening man so I decided to delve into the subject as it is a perspective on spirituality.

Metaphysics is known to be as a traditional brand of philosophy, which is concerned with the explanation of the fundamental nature of the world and being that revolves around it. Usually, metaphysics attempts to answer those two basic questions in the best way possible such as what is there? And what it is like?

A person who studies metaphysics is called as the metaphysician who attempts to clarify all the fundamental notions wherein people understands the world such as objects, existence, the properties, time, space, cause and effect as well as the possibilities. There's a central branch of metaphysics where it investigates on the basic categories of relationship from one another. Aside from that, cosmology is also another central branch of metaphysics where it studies the fundamental structures, the origin, the nature as well as the dynamics of the universe. Some of these things include epistemology as another central branch of metaphysics.

Some people commit mistakes when it comes to religion and spirituality or to the supernatural occurrence and mysteries. They sometimes consider it as sect because they have lack of knowledge and have some fears of being manipulated. Learning what religion and spirituality is will provide you a great realization on the mystery or any supernatural occurrences. In order for you to better understand religion and spirituality, here are some of the differences between the two. 

Religion needs to follow some ideology and have to obey rules or else, you will be punished. However, in spirituality, you will just need to follow what your heart feels is right. You have the freedom to choose what you really are and there is no need to bow to anyone else for it will just be up to you if whom you want to choose to honor and make it divine.

What Is Consciousness?
We are going to take you for a journey. Each blog post is a step to understanding the universe of spirituality. Note that these are merely opinions that the world has expressed to decipher spirit. We are just here to share them with you. Each post has a purpose. To find out the purpose, you'll just have to keep posted.

Humans have three levels of consciousness which are the true self - consciousness, soul consciousness and physical consciousness. If you will focus more on the deep understanding of it, you will find that consciousness, heart, spirit and inner heart that exist. The human body has a soul and inside it is the spirit or soul. Soul cannot exist without the spirit. Furthermore, the core heart of one person is the heart wherein one can find their inner heart. In its innermost part of your heart is the one who knows the real truth. Your spirit cannot exist if you do not have an inner heart. 

There are many views on spirituality. And that's a great thing. Much like how everyone is created in their own individual way, a lot of people have different views of the world and universe.

This small little blog in the corner of that universe is a unique, non biased collection of the various perceptions and opinions on spirituality. 

Spirituality is such a big word and has been a very controversial topic throughout history. It's because no one has been able to explain exactly what it is, how does it work, and prove with irrefutable evidence that it exists. There are theories, traditional beliefs, metaphors, analogies, mathematical equations, and formulas that try to explain what spirit is and what it does. But no solid proof has ever been found to support the theories.

With this blog, my goal is to collect and present the different views and explanations that involve spirituality. By opening up our minds of other's viewpoint on the subject, I feel that we will get a better understanding of what spirituality is.

Although we are all different, we all make up one thing - this universe. So I feel that the different viewpoints of spirituality will bring us closer to understanding not only spirituality but each other and the universe as well.

So come back here often to explore the spiritual universe in an unique and unbiased way!